Serviced by Q-color, the Outdoor Sports LED Displays for the incoming Asian Games been lighted

Written by:admin Time:2017-10-20

The 2018 Asian Games is around the corner. All relevant affairs are in process.

And finally the main necessary LED screens, provided by Q-color, are into the final installation procedure.

In the last few months, all stuff in Q-color was concentrated on producing and screen technology of the project, like we always do.

Here is one LED perimeter display for the main centre of the Games. Outdoor P10 high-brightness display with 960*800mm cabinet special designed by us, total 250 sqm, decorate the perimeter of the playground.

And between the auditoriums, there are two P10 display with size 133 sqm. For this display, it’s been made of front access module which designed by us. It can provide both front and rear access, and one person can be easy to handle. Best way to save time and labor. Now more and more customers prefer such modules over the traditional one.


Wish the incoming Asian Games all the success. With our LED display, we are sure it will.