Q-color front service led display installed in a fairy-tale city

Written by:Marketing Department Time:2017-06-19
Are you too old for fairy tales? If you think so, Copenhagen is sure to change your mind.
See the city first from the water. In the harbor sits Denmark's best-known landmark: the Little Mermaid. Remember her? 

Now if you travel Copenhagen,maybe you can see Q-color P10 outdoor SMD fast assemble led screen.Size is 10.56m x 10.56m.

This fast lock front maintenance led module possesses the following features:

-Support for front and rear maintenance.
-Fast assemble and dismantle,save time and labor cost.
-Selected small tolerance wavelength led lamp ensure high uniformity and perfect performance.

Most the led displays are back service type, i.e. when you service the led display, you need to open the doors from the back side of the led display cabinet. But sometimes it's not very possible to leave a maintenance channel behind of the led screen because of the installation way.If like this,Q-color fast lock front service led module design is a good chioce.