Classic P8 outdoor SMD full color led screen in Australia

Written by:Marketing Department Time:2017-06-06

With the most common design,back service led display screens are widely apopted,no matter in the fixed installation,rental solution or sport perimeter solution.

Here last month we just installed 8pcs outdoor led display with back maintenance in Australia.

It is with back to back mounting,which is a popular installation way in Australia and North American.SMD LED gives the possibility to produce higher and higher definition outdoor led displays.


For Q-color outdoor SMD led display,it with high quality material,strict quality control, dedicated produce, private circuit design,all for making a stable led display.

Meanwhile,it also with better visual performance and bigger viewing angle compare to the DIP LED display.Due to the  features of SMD3535 lamp, the display’s uniformity and viewing angle becomes much better.

Except the back service led display,we also have the front service led display,which with fast lock design.It is more and more popular in the market as it can save time and labor cost.