QTV Series—Small pixel pitch LED screen for commercial application

Written by:admin Time:2017-03-20

Q-color New Product Launch: QTV Series—Small pixel pitch LED screen for commercial application

Nowadays, small pitch screen is gradually leading the development of LED screen technology and market since the growing needs of HD screen. It now is unstoppable to be the new favor of this industry.

Great news, Q-color has achieved big progress on indoor small pixel screen and been applied to some cases already. It’s named QTV series by Q-color, available for four models including PH1.2mm, PH1.5mm, PH1.9mm and PH2.5mm. 

Adopted high-precise die-casting aluminum cabinet, this screen can be ultra-thin and light. Module can be serviced from front side with electromagnetic tool easily. With above all, the screen can meet the needs of variety application such as fixed and rental installation, stage and shopping mall. 

With black-mask lamp, the contrast ratio is up to 5000:1 and the picture is more vivid. At the same time, the viewing angle is broadened to 160 degree

horizontally and vertically, which provide superior viewing experience.

Comparing LCD screen, QTV screen can be spliced into any size seamlessly. Multi-standard video formats are suitable and can realize HD, 4K video or better effect easily. Its video performance rivals tradition HD TV. 
Redundancy design on power and signal avoid failure of power or signal while working.

As the technology is mature gradually, now indoor small pixel screen becomes a whole new and full solution for huge needs of indoor HD advertising screen. And it will replace LCD screen slowly and become new favorite of customers.