Q-color P16mm DIP outdoor fixed advertising LED display in Thailand

Written by:admin Time:2015-12-29
In December 2015, very ending of this year, Q-color has just finished another great LED display masterpiece—Outdoor high weather resistance P16mm Advertising billboard with around 200sq m, installed in Thailand, adopting 209pcs 960*960mm waterproof cabinets.

As we all know, with year-round high temperature and months of rainy season, Thailand has a typical tropical monsoon climate. Therefore a best weather fastness is quite necessary. Besides, the advertising screen is installed less than 1000km from the sea, anti-salt fog rusty ability would be another necessary demand. From the selection of LED lamp, anti-UV mask, power supply, stainless steel screws, all cables etc., Q-color provides premium raw materials and pays a big attention to production process by our relevant rich experiences to meet customers’ requirements.

Standing on roof of the top building, this large advertising board brings a big-screen magic, pretty wide viewing angle and long viewing distance makes highly visible possible, even for high-speed vehicles possible, drawing every attentions of traffic and people who pass by.

With lifting up of the grand display, customers’ products will be well-knowed through this wonderful marketing tool. Investment income is a decisive part to merchant.
With the location advantage and nicest show performance, it also could be a productive rental advertising position, additional benefits is coming on the way!
With constantly expanding needs for LED screen, we believe more and more LED displays will blossom everywhere.